Specialist Cleaning Insurance Cover

Our scheme provides the following covers specifically for cleaning contractors:

  1. Damage to Property Being Worked Upon
  2. Treatment Risks (for damage caused by cleaning solutions or chemicals)
  3. Loss of Customer's Keys
  4. Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises
  5. Fidelity Guarantee/Employee Dishonesty
  6. Misuse of Customer's Telephones
  7. Financial Loss

Please feel free to read through the insurers policy wordings

Our policies also offer the added benefits of:

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  1. Interest free instalments - split the cost without being charged extra.
  2. Continous policy cover - the premium will continue until otherwise cancelled.
  3. Documents delivered by email - so you wont need to photocopy the documents.

We can arrange cover for the following covers in addition to liability insurance under the same policy:

  1. All Risks Machinery & Equipment
  2. Owned or Hired Plant
  3. Material Damage covers including buildings, contents, stock, business interruption etc