Covers available

The GLEAMING WHOLESALE scheme, underwritten by Hiscox offers an extensive range of covers for cleaning contractors.

Public Liability Insurance can be arranged in isolation but all other covers are only available as add-ons to an existing liability policy.

Public Liability Insurance

This includes the following extensions as standard;

Damage to Property Being Worked Upon
Treatment Risks
Fidelity Guarantee
Financial Loss
Loss of Customer's Keys
Misuse of Customer's Telephones
Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises
Incorrect Destruction of Goods
Re-setting of Alarms

The limits of indemnity available are 1m, 2m, 5m and 10m

The excess for all TPPD claims is 250

All policies are issued with a 25 metre height limit which can be increased upon request.


Employers Liability Insurance

The limit of indemnity is 10,000,000 as standard.


Machinery & Equipment Insurance

All Risks Cover is available for all machinery, tools and equipment owned by the insured or leased to them under a lease agreement which is used for their business. Portable computers and smart phones are included.

The cover includes overnight theft from unattended vehicles and is available in various sums insured from 6,000 to 25,000.

The excess for all claims is 150


Owned & Hired Plant Insurance

Full cover for all plant owned or hired to the insured. Limits of Indemnity are dependent on requirements.

The excess for malicious damage, fire and theft is 1,000. All other claims are subject to a 500 excess.


Material Damage Insurance

Cover is available for;

Business Interruption
Money etc.

All claims are subject to a 250.